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I also offer a full range of traditional marketing support and consulting services


You can rely on my 35 years of B2B and B2C marcomm experience to help you create a powerful voice for your services and products. I can help you understand your customers' view of the world, and what matters to them. Together we'll create a consistent message using all the right tools -- including training your staff.


I am skilled at developing a seamless integration of these traditional marketing channels with your online marketing activities.


Even if you have an existing relationship with an advertising agency, marketing firm or design studio, Vogel Marketing Solutions can work side-by-side with them as a consultant to ensure you are aligning their actions with your business plan. I feel very strongly that creativity is a means to an end -- not an end in itself. A big splashy brochure may look good, but does it resonate with your audience? Have you spent too much on its development -- preventing you from freely distributing it to your entire target audience? A brochure that sits on a shelf does no good for anyone.


Call us at 717.368.5143 or email me now to learn how Vogel Marketing Solutions can help make the most of your email marketing efforts.


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