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Tips to build an opt-in email list

Here are my Top Ten Tips to build your list of opt-in email subscribers:


Promise – and deliver – great content
Easier said than done, I know. But I am leading off with this because it’s important. Here are some ideas:

  • Use testimonials: it reduces your labor since you don’t need to write something new, and people like to hear what others are saying vs. hearing you “brag” about yourself.
  • Create infographics: inform subscribers using colorful charts and graphs that are easy to view and absorb.
  • Create “Top Ten Lists”: like this one!
  • Insider info: did you get some industry info at a recent trade show, or receive a white paper through your membership in an industry trade group?
  • Surveys: it’s natural for people to want to share their feelings.
  • Meet your team: put a human face on your company. Share stories about your people, behind-the-scene info, volunteer/non-profit work, etc.
  • Giveaways and contests: hold no-purchase-necessary contests.


Put your sign-up list on every page
You never know when your website content will convince a visitor to sign up. People are short on time, don’t make them search for a place to sign up.


Include the “Forward to a Friend” button in your emails
If your content is appealing, they’ll forward it.


Keep form fields to a minimum
Don’t scare off subscribers by asking for too much info up front. In fact, if you can just ask for the email only, then that’s best – especially for consumer emails.


Honor their privacy
Tell them up front that you never share or rent your list, and that they easily unsubscribe with one click.


Make sure website and sign-up forms are “responsive”
Each year, the percentage of your visitors using smart phones will keep increasing. Test your sign-up procedure on multiple devices.


Tell, don’t sell
Unless your emails are for an e-commerce site and subscribers know up-front they’re meant for sales, you should provide useful content, rather than a hard sell. This is especially true for B2B emails.


Hold a Webinar
These are easy using current programs and technology. If you provide valuable content featuring thought-leaders, and the webinar is free, you’ll drive a ton of new sign-ups.


Put testimonials near your form
If they see that others have found value from your emails, put that right next to the sign-up form.


Leverage offline marketing
Put “sign up for our e-newsletter” on the back of your business cards. Or at the register for a brick-and-mortar business. Or on your invoices. Or on your direct mail pieces or display ads.


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