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A fresh perspective on your email marketing strategy

Regardless of your company's level of sophistication in email marketing, Vogel Marketing Solutions can help ensure you're engaging best practices in your email marketing strategy. We can review your efforts and make recommendations on your efforts, including:


  • Lifetime Value Calculations: this is one of the most-underused tools in email marketing. What is the value of a single email address? This can be measured in more ways than simply shopping cart sales figures. You might be surprised at the actual LTV of your customers' email addresses. This figure is useful in determining appropriate annual budgets for email marketing, and can help make the case to your CFO for increasing your investment in this channel. We've developed an email ROI calculator that you can download at no charge; just sign up using the form below.
  • Campaign Audits: We'll review your message activity reports and look for ways to improve your key performance indicators. Recommendations may include A/B split testing, dynamic profiling for increased relevance, choice of ESP for improved marketing power, list hygiene, and much more. Learn more about email marketing audits >>
  • Creative Audits: are your emails optimized for the reading pane and mobile viewing? Are your subject lines capturing eyeballs? Do you have too much or too little copy? What is your emails' voice? We can make recommendations to help improve opens and clicks.
  • Cross-Channel Integration Audits: too often, marketers miss opportunities to drive opt-ins through the many on- and off-line channels that may be available. Obviously, an integrated social media strategy is critical, but this integration should also include point-of-purchase, call centers, coupons, public relations, and much more. We will take a broad view of your processes and your markets and make recommendations to improve the quantity and quality of your opt-ins.


Contact us for more information:  Mark@VogelMarketing.net or 717.368.5143 today.

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